5 keys to provide suitable audio solutions for sports venues

  • Analyse the shape and size of the venue, as well as the construction materials used, to determine how the sound behaves.
  • Consider the type of event taking place, as the sound requirements may vary. For example, a football match may require a more powerful and enveloping sound, while an athletics event may require a higher intelligibility for sports commentators.
  • Consider the power, sound dispersion and reproduction quality of the loudspeakers to ensure uniform coverage and good sound intelligibility in all areas.
  • Avoid problems such as feedback or dead zones where the sound does not reach properly. Consider different areas, such as the stands, the field or the track, and adapt the location of the loudspeakers as necessary.
  • Manage the system properly through DSP and matrix, together with high efficiency Class-D amplifiers, which allow a correct control and adjustment of the sound to obtain the maximum efficiency, both acoustically and energetically.In Unión

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