ACD Digital self-amplified Acoustic Columns

The ACD-3008 / ACD-3012 has been designed and constructed as a high quality LINE ARRAY with 4” loudspeakers. The new audio algorithms for digital signal processor developed by UNION DESARROLLOS ELECTRONICOS and implemented, allow modifying the sound diffusion, adapting the response to the acoustical requirements of the installation.

The line array has an internal DSP and microcontroller where audio signals are processed. The DSP has a 100dB SNR and 50 MIPS. The line array Increases new functionalities in comparison with the old passive columns, giving better performance for example in vertical dispersion control and secondary lobes, thanks to the new class D amplifiers reaching 240 W / 360 W RMS.

LINE ARRAY is really useful and versatile for reverberant and complex acoustic installations (like churches, sport centre, big halls, etc.) In the power consumption side the line array has been designed for an optimize consumption (with 3 states: ON, MUTE, STANDBY) depending on the VOX control is processing.

The mechanical construction based in aluminum to ensure many years of reliable operation in high humidity environments.

The unit can be controlled with the WCD-3000, which offers real time configuration and save characteristic operation in the internal memory of the ACD-3008 / ACD-3012 column. This is a friendly way to interact and configure in the startup process.

Programador columna de audio digital