Public Address Systems

The UDE public address systems provide different equipments to bring solutions for different places and different audio sources, like background music or paging desktops. From the most simple solution to the more complex one.

MICRO-800 with a high robust and easy-to-operate paging desk can digitally manage one zone or a group of paging zones, allowing direct group calls.

MICRO-400 series is a matrix that provides service to up to 4 zones and includes a 120W internal amplifier for each output. It is a compact solution primarily focused for medium power applications.

MICRO-500 series has a high degree of product compatibility and paging zone configuration until a maximum number of 40 zones, with multiple desktop microphone and different audio background music sources.

MICRO-600 series allows the management of music, paging and pre-recorded message to up to6 zones. Allows yhe paging in one or more zones while music plays on the other zones.

MICRO-1000 series gives wide range of solution in a very small space. The system can manage until 300 zones and 16 paging microphones at all.