Nurse Call Systems

The nurse call system from UDE can cover in an easy way the management, voice communication and patient attending in hospitals, senior residence and clinics (outpatient, care homes, sanatoria, etc.) can be a part of the whole solution of the best attention to the patients.

UDECOM is based in a digital micro controller technology. One or more central stations will have the active role of computing the data exchange of the room substation via FTPcat5 data and audio bus. Also different central stations can be connected with an audio and data bus, allowing a total communication of the whole system. This way of operating makes really simple and easy the installation and starting up.



SRD nurse call system has been designed for clinics, hospitals and senior residences with a maximum amount of 300 beds, where normally only exists one central station.
All room substation have 2 jacks for hand call push button plugging, in case the room have 2 beds, no other equipment should be installed. Other room equipment for the substation can be the hand call push button, activity light indicator, bathroom call cancelation or corridor lamp.