Our range has a wide variety of microphones and paging desk designed for both PA and AV applications.

Thanks to its design and modular definition, the desktop microphones purpose is to not
interfere on the figure of the speaker. Especially suitable for houses of worship.

Thanks to its polar supercardioid diagrams, it reduces the pickup of ambient noise as
well as the feedback effect. Designed for both word and music.

The UDE paging desks incorporate basic elements such as a flexible microphone and call buttons. Its aesthetics accompanied by an ergonomic design makes them necessary elements for paging in factories, commercial buildings, parking, etc.

The range of wireless microphones developed by UDE is characterized by its functionality, efficiency, low consumption and high resistance to undesirable noise.


PTT (Push to Talk) microphones allow one‐to‐one or one‐to‐many calls (group calls).

Our selection of standing microphones

Our selection of accessories for our range of microphones.