We have a wide range of loudspeakers to cover different applications as well as different power requirements. Within each category we offer different models to adapt our solution to the specific requirements.

Ultralineal loudspeaker columns have been designed bearing in mind two main features: word-intelligibility and reliability.
Thanks to its innovative design, from an electroacoustic to structural focus, this columns display high performances as well as an accurate design which mingles perfectly with classic and modern architecture.

The set of horn speakers has been conceived for oral transmission of messages in indoor and outdoor areas where a wide range of distance. Their main appliance focuses in areas particularly noisy such as factories, vessel engine rooms or even outdoor sports events

Our range of ceiling loudspeakers enables sonority in environments where managing, image and elegance are crucial.
They are suitable when a low level of sound is required (Background music, acoustic warnings, advertising messages…)

Featuring a wide range of frequency response, low distortion and high acoustic performance; these cabinet loudspeakers are the best guarantee to get an excellent intelligibility of music and speaking in auditoriums, sports hall, Railway stations, shopping centres, etc.

Their conic sonic beam and steering, together with an execellent performance, are appropriate for transmission of warnings or messages in noisy conditions, indoor and outdoor places.

Garden loudspeakers are designed for supporting harsh climatic conditions such as high temperatures, humidity and rain.
Their designs and variety of colors blend in any natural environment. That is the reason why what makes them appropriate for voicing gardens, camp-sites, greenhouses, theme parks, etc.

Designed and configured to operate submerged in water and for installation inside swimming pools, aquariums, ocean research centers, etc.