Intercommunication Systems

The digital intercom systems UDE, add new features to traditional systems widely used for decades: Call function, intercom and general messages, add improved information, through alphanumeric display, the possibility of managing calls from several exchanges in the same system, as well as answering the calls of each exchange (optional) through a telephone interface that allows a wireless telephone to be connected, giving greater flexibility of use.

While conventional systems can handle calls, intercommunication and messages broadcasting, the INTERCOM-200 add new features. Among them, the system delivers better information using an alphanumerical display; allows the possibility to manage calls from different central stations as well as the attendance of calls using a wireless telephone (optional) which gives higher versatility.

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The INTERCOM-500 system can in different intercom station groups in fact this will allow parallel call activity in the whole system. Also two or more intercom desks managing call are supported and call forwarding to a DECT phone station or direct to a PBX central allowing call attendance with a telephone (IW-18 is required).

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