Background music system

These sound systems are ideal for small and medium size applications for background music such as homes, villas, offices, small stores,; among others.

AV-220 In-wall stereo system 2x10W RMS

  • The AV-220 system is a 10W stereo channel powered music system with 2 stereo channels designed mainly for low power applications such as restaurants, hotels, schools, offices, homes; among others.
  • The equipment allows the selection of up to 6 different music sources (Bluetooth, USB, Radio, 2 line inputs and SD card).
  • Up to 200 Bluetooth link codes available, to avoid interference between various nearby devices.
  • Its simple use and its easy installation, both surface and recessed, are some of the characteristics that make the AV-220 a quality audio solution within the reach and enjoyment of any user.