Preamplifier is the element of the chain that receives the different audio signals, dosing them by means of level controllers and mixing them to obtain a signal 0dB. UDE offers in its catalog preamplifiers with different functionalities and compatible with different modules to adapt to all the needs of your project.

The X9 series has a fully configurable digital preamplifier / matrix with eight inputs and two outputs. In addition to the characteristics of convertible entries, phantom or word filter, it incorporates: priority management between inputs, output signal limiter, password protection configuration, among other functions.


Serie XD9

The Preamplifier of the XD9 series has convertible microphone / auxiliary inputs, phantom power and word filter. The PXD-59 incorporates bass and treble tone control independently for each input. For greater flexibility of the system, the equipment supports function modules for priority and warning chime.