Line Array DSP

The UDE active line array is a complex system of amplified loudspeakers in a robust and lineal structure allowing distance attenuation more softly than only with unique loudspeaker. The UDE loudspeaker array is designed with a correct distance between them, in order to have a vertical and uniform and a wide horizontal opening angle. In detail, the system allows to program the directivity giving power tools for putting the main audio focus where the reverberation can affect the RASTI of the installation

ACD-3012 DSP Active Line Array Speaker

  • Nº. of speakers: 12 (4″)
  • Reach (coverage uniform SPL ): +40 meters.
  • Output power: 360 W.
  • Acoustic pressure (at 30 metros): 91 dB SPL
  • Input sensibility: 0dB / L100V
  • Max angle inclination: +/- 45 positions (45º)
  • Angle of horizonta coverage: 140º
  • Dimensions: 1666 x 150 x 139 mm.
  • Color: Ivory white (RAL 1015)
  • Incorporates:
  • – Volume control of audio outputs
  • – Adjustments of bass and treble
  • – Input sensibility adjustment
  • – 15 bands graphic equalizer
  • – Mute
  • The adjustment of the different features is done in real time by using the configuration interface WCD-3000. This allows an easy and interactive configuration to the installer.
    Once the configuration of all features is done, they are automatically save in nonvolatile memory.